City of Griggsville Illinois

Kent Goewey, Mayor

Griggsville Fire Department

Chief Larry Bradshaw
Station Non-Emergency:

Station Address:
306 West Quincy Street
P. O. Box 272, Griggsville, IL  62340

Emergency: Call 911
or Pike Co. Dispatch

"Training, Common Sense, and Water" 

Volunteers Serving the City of Griggsville and the Griggsville Fire Protection District

The Griggsville Fire Department is rated ISO Class 4 - the highest rating in MABAS Division 67
and one of the top 15% fire departments in the USA (including all Career and Volunteer agencies).
Our ISO-4 rating change REDUCED many homeowner insurace premiums an average of $85 per year.


MAP & Directions

Fire Mutual Aid Agency Partner of MABAS-IL
MABAS Division 67 equipment: Polaris 6x6, 25 kW Area light & generator,
Western Expedient 30x50 shelter, and other equipment and resources.
MABAS is the national poser child for fire mutual aid and support.

Griggsville Fire Resources

Lithium-Ion Batteries. They are everywhere.

Not just in Electric Vehicles (EV's), but in cell phones, tools, toys, laptops, electric scooters and hover boards.

Lithium-Ion battery are great energy sources, but come with a curse- if they are damaged or overheated they WILL self-ignite and produce toxic fumes. Once a "Thermal Runaway" starts the reaction is self-contained and NO fire extinguisher will put the battery out.

If you have a small Lithium-Ion battery fire, use a tool and submerge it in water- bucket, sink, etc. Cooling the battery is the ONLY was to stop the reaction. Or get it outside and keep everyone away until the fireworks stop. Remember, the self-sustaining reaction burns at well over a thousand degrees, and the fumes are toxic.

If your EV battery is damaged or overheats, especially if you see coolant leaking from underneath, assume the battery will go into thermal runaway and plan for a fire. If your EV is on fire, get upwind and stay clear of the toxic fumes. It will take over 10,000 gallons of water to (maybe) put it out.

Get to safety, THEN call 911.

Lithium-Ion Battery Tips

ONLY buy quaility batteries from a known source. Bargain or foreign "cheap" batteries may not have necessary safety features.

DO NOT charge batteries overnight unattended. A simple malfunction may lead to overheating and a fire.

DO NOT charge batteries in sleeping spaces. Okay, maybe not realistic for cell phones but do what you can.

Consider charging tool and toy batteries, hover boards and E-Scooters in a location that a fire will not spread to your home.

Consider charging your Electric Vehicle outside your garage, especially if the garage is attached to your home. Perhaps not as convenient, but much, much safer.

DO NOT charge batteries to more than 90%. Most thermal runaway LI battery fires are caused by over-charging.

If you need to leave your house or office due to a fire PLEASE close all doors behind you as you leave and let the fire department ventilate in a planned and controlled way to let the smoke and heat out. Trust us, there can be far less damage.

Griggsville Fire Resources

Close Before You Doze Safety Campaign

Nearly all fire deaths and injuries are caused by toxic smoke and low oxygen, not by the fire itself! Closed doors save lives by slowing the spread of 600-degree heat and toxic smoke. ANY closed door - especially bedroom doors - can give you time to hear your smoke alarm (hint, hint) then give your even more time to escape or be rescued.

When leaving a burning building, remember to CLOSE ALL DOORS BEHIND YOU (including the front door), and don't ever go back inside.

Research has proven that closed doors limit the air a fire needs to build and actually slows the fire's spread. Open doors may look like they are letting the smoke out and lessen damage, but open doors actually let the fire breath and spread sending heat and damge through the home much faster.

If you need to leave your home due to a fire PLEASE close all doors behind you as you leave and let the fire department ventilate in a planned and controlled way to let the smoke and heat out. Trust us, there can be far less damage.

Close Before You Doze - See the Dramatic Difference a Door Can Make from UL FSRI on Vimeo.

Inter-Agency Contacts

Hydrant Map

FREE Smoke Alarms

The Griggsville Fire Department has teamed with the American Red Cross to provide and install FREE ten-year life smoke alarms.

Contact City Hall. A team of firefighters will come to you home and install smoke alarms for you. There is no cost!

Firefighters will also help your family make a fire safety plan.

For more informtion go the the American Red Cross smoke alarm program web site by clicking

Department Apparatus:

Truck 2550
2007 Freightliner M2 / Rosenbauer Heavy Rescue
Tools, equipment and scene-light support for all
fire, rescue and incident responses
[Purchased 2007, Property Tax funded]

Engine 2551
1997 Ford F750 / E-One 1,000/min., 1,000 gal. tank Pumper
Rural and structure response
1,000 ft. 5" Storz LDH, 2-1/2" and dual 1-3/4" attack lines
1,000/min deck monitor, tools and equipment
[Purchased 1997, Property Tax funded]

Engine 2552
2019 Spartan / Toyne Custom, built to GFD specs.
1,250/min., 1,000 gal. tank Rescue-Pumper
Firefighting foam equipped
First-due fully equipped primary response apparatus
[New engine, Property Tax funded]

Former Engine 2553 with AirEvac-27 at a Landing Zone (9 Aug 2018)

Truck 2555
2003 Sterling Commercial / E-One WaterMaster
3,500 Gallon Pressure/Vacuum Water Tender*
delivering 1,000 gallons per minute, plus drive time.
[2002 Grant funded]  (*) Note: Fire 'Tankers' have wings, Fire 'Tenders' don't fly.

Truck 2556
2008 Ford F350 Wildland and Farm Fire Response Truck
Dual 1" attack lines, tools and equipment
Firefighting foam equipped
[2007 Grant funded]

Truck 2558
2008 Chevrolet support 4x2 pickup
[Aquired 2019, USDA Federal Surplus Property Program]

Polaris 2559
2013 Wildland Fire Side-by-Side
1" attack line and 60 gal. tank
Plus wildland tool-equipped trailer
Firefighting foam equipped
[2013 Grant funded]

GFD's apparatus has come a long way since "Old George"
and '62 were our first-due (or only) fire apparatus, and
firefighters rode the running boards to the fire.

Engine 2546 "Old George"
1946 Ford / Central 500/min., 250 gal. tank pumper
GFD's original post-WWII engine has come back home
and is undergoing complete restoration.
Donations, help and original photos appreciated!
[Private non-tax funded funded project, Parade and display use only.]

Engine 2562
1962 Ford / Central 750/min., 500 gal. tank pumper
GFD's first modern fire apparatus
[Private non-tax funded funded project, Parade and display use only.]

The Griggsville Fire Department is always looking for new responders!

If you live in the Griggsville Fire Protection District (or work in Griggsville during normal weekday hours) and are available to respond to fire, rescue and mutual aid calls 24/7/365 we want to talk to you.

If you want to 'give back' to the community, consider joining our
all-volunteer agency.


Response hours: Horrible.
(Usually during bad weather, dinner, family functions,
ballgames or while sleeping.)

Financial compensation: Zilch.

Rewards: Priceless.


We will train and equip dedicated members to the highest standards.
No previous fire service experience is required.

All persons are welcome to apply. We can find a job for any willing and dependable person with any level of ability from many backgrounds.

Contact Chief Bradshaw or any Firefighter for more information.


Griggsville Fire Department County-Wide
Communications Equipment Grant

After four years of applications by the Griggsville Fire Department, in 2008 GFD received a $300,000 Federal Assistance to Firefighter's Grant to improve communications infrastructure for all Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders county-wide.

With additional funding from the Pike County Sheriff's Department and continuing funding from the Pike County Emergency Telephone System Board (911), the original system is maintained to a 99.95% up-time regional availability standard.

Upgraded regularly and fully operational even during extended loss of public utilities, this self-contained single system provides incident notification, coordination and consolidated interoperable communications at all incident responses for fifteen public safety agencies, and our surrounding mutual aid partners.

Without this grant, many Pike County fire agencies would still be relying on outdated incident notification and sub-standard and proprietary communications systems funded by each individual agency and maintained as their budgets allow.

Griggsville Fire Department Personnel


Larry Bradshaw
(Cell: two one seven 248 5777)

Deputy Chiefs

Scott Bradshaw
Steve Kessinger


Hayden Bradshaw - FF/EMT, Secretary

Wayne Reel - FF/Engineer

Jim Eatock - (Cell: five seven three 754 2113)
Engineer, Safety, Logistics, Training Captain,
IT Geek, Webmaster,
MABAS-IL Pike/Calhoun Div 67 President,
and incident 'Water Boy'

Fire/Rescue Responders

Brenden Bradshaw
Kaleb Bradshaw
Cole Bradshaw
Marvin DeJaynes, Chef
Jeramiah Dice, EMT
Cody Kattleman
Tyrel Lightle
Kenny Manson
Scott Sappington
Shawn Scranton, EMT
David Syrcle
Dillon Wainman
Sam Zarr, EMT

and assisted by Baylis Chief Tom Lewis,
Griggsville Public Works Superintendant


Brandon Bennett
Jim Chapman
Jeff Taylor
J. D. Wilcox
and Fred Slight
who still votes "NO!" on everything.

Department Meetings are held at the Griggsville Fire Station
Second Tuesday and Forth Monday of EVERY Month, 6:30 PM.

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